Thursday, April 21, 2011

Settlement Delayed to next week!

Hi guys,

Settlement are delayed to next week!

So I guess we won't be able to move stuff into the house during this Easter break. Its a good thing I suppose? Things are done when they are done. Better let Carlisle finish their work than rushing to get it settled! Plus, fence are not up yet anyway - we are in the middle of sorting that out with a fencing company - just getting the nods from neighbours and fence should go up really quick after that. Hopefully that will be soon.

Oh yeah! Just so you know, I got about 10 quotes for Colorbond fence (and gate) quotes. You'll be amazed how much difference these people charge! I went for the cheapest.. hopefully its a good deal (and worksmanship!)

Heading to Tassy tomorrow for Easter! Devonport, Launceston, Cradle Mountain, Stanley, Tarkine Adventures! woohoo!!

Have a happy Easter holidays!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PCI done! Settlement on the 21st April!

Hi all~!

We just had our PCI done on Monday and all went well! Its been a long time since I step my foot into my house and looking at all the things inside. Carpets are plushy and soft, walls are gleamingly white.. just missing furnitures! Almost feeling at home already!

Our SS are very kind and took us through room by room - letting us putting red stickers all over the walls for any slightest imperfections. Its been an adventure and we are really happy with the current state of the house albeit there are several things needed to get fixed. Special thanks to NHI for the inspection report and have defects pointed out to them to get fixed.

Settlement date are now also booked in! 21st April. Its time for packing!!

Check list:
Get quotes for fencing, driveway. -ticked-
Find boxes! -untick-
Packing - untick-
Informed current landlord for moving out -ticked-
Find removalist - untick-
Buying curtains -half-ticked-

Hmmm.. what else is there??
So many things to do...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Touching up!? PCI in 2 weeks time.

Just got told from SS and CLE - the house will be ready soon! PCI next week and I just scheduled NHI to do the PCI inspection tomorrow evening.

Hopefully nothing major need fixing but I do hope the defect list will be very long so Carlisle will fix up all them so I can have my perfect home to move into!

We went to take a look at the house yesterday - everything seem to be in order and site was being cleaned out (portaloo's gone!), temporary fences are now gone, etc. I'm not exactly sure how I feel at the moment!? Excitement? Happy or Disappointment? I don't really know?

Here are the pics I've taken yesterday.

First time seeing the renders :) Like the RED!

Deep Entrance - Something me and my wife didn't really like. Would like it to be open than not.

I wonder if I can put a lamp in this junction box??

Time to consider the fencing, driveways and landscaping...

Sigh. Next door's vacant land still on the market (found it on domain).. Hope I dont have to cope the full fencing price for this :(

Any ideas on the driveway? We're thinking exposed asphalt..?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tiles are in!

Hi, I went to my house on the weekend.

Apparently the house's door knob in the garage is broken and it definitely looked like it was being forced and broken into.. I'm not too worried at this point as I'm sure it will get replaced soon enough.

But! Thanks to that I was able to get into my house and have a look inside :)

Here are the picss

I swear the tiles I looked at in Spectra is actually alot larger albeit they are the same sizes (400x400) Lol. Wish we could go back and change to 600x600!

I love my kitchen! :)

Not too happy with the tiles inside the shower :( Quite disappointed with our selection actually.

This looks lovely :)


Laundry is a bit small. I have to hang my dryer upside down now!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fixing Stage!


Its been a quick few weeks since lock up! We didn't actually visit our house as frequent as we would like. Reason being we couldn't get in anyways!!

Here are some photos taken while outside the house (1 week ago)

Taken through plastic wrapped sliding door @ Alfresco

We did get some update from our SS on Friday informing me all Paint jobs are done! Tiling are starting this Tuesday!

I wonder how long till its going to be ready?? Progress seem a little bit "slower" than seeing the house being erected.. Then again, we're still excited to see the way it is!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cabinets, cornices, internal doors, sinks!

I just had a progress inspection with my Carlisle site supervisor this morning. Went through the house and told me they took care of all defects listed in both my frame/preplaster inspections. Really happy to see the house in its shape! He also told me the house should be ready sometime in April!?

The thought of moving into our first home (wife and I) soon really is exciting! :)

Any how, here are the photos taken this morning.

:) :) :) I'm loving how the house turn out to be atm - We really liked how the kitchen turn out to be. Love the laminex!

Hopefully by the time carpets, tiles, kitchen splashbacks and renders come on.. it would look just as good! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Locked up!

Hi guys,

Sorry I have been away for 3 weeks overseas so I didn't managed to monitor my own house since Christmas!

Anyhow, here are the latest pictures (taken on Monday).