Thursday, April 21, 2011

Settlement Delayed to next week!

Hi guys,

Settlement are delayed to next week!

So I guess we won't be able to move stuff into the house during this Easter break. Its a good thing I suppose? Things are done when they are done. Better let Carlisle finish their work than rushing to get it settled! Plus, fence are not up yet anyway - we are in the middle of sorting that out with a fencing company - just getting the nods from neighbours and fence should go up really quick after that. Hopefully that will be soon.

Oh yeah! Just so you know, I got about 10 quotes for Colorbond fence (and gate) quotes. You'll be amazed how much difference these people charge! I went for the cheapest.. hopefully its a good deal (and worksmanship!)

Heading to Tassy tomorrow for Easter! Devonport, Launceston, Cradle Mountain, Stanley, Tarkine Adventures! woohoo!!

Have a happy Easter holidays!



  1. Can't wait to see photos of your completed house. Have you moved in yet?

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Yes! We've moved in on the 6th (Friday) May. Still plenty of boxes to unpack but its definetely starting to look like a house!

    Driveway is due to be poured this Saturday - weather permitting.. Still no news from neighbours on fences even though we've sent them notice to fence weeks ago..

    I'll post more pictures after the weekend :)